Acoustics & Technology

Understand how open spaces, wall placement, and other design aspects of your building will affect the acoustical and technological performance experienced by your buildings occupants.

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Building Enclosure Commissioning

Meet and exceed the complex building performance requirements of your building through building enclosure commissioning.

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Fire Protection

Mitigate the risk of fire and smoke damage to your building and ensure the safety of the people inside by working with our team of highly experienced.

Forensic Services

Gain an expert opinion that is driven by objective observation when water leakage, condensation, or other problems occur and an investigation is needed.

Field Testing

You have contract obligations to meet and little time to meet them. Reduce the risk with your curtain wall and fenestration products with on-site testing.

Performance Mock Up

With so much riding on the performance of your curtain wall, it makes sense to build a mock-up to determine its performance.