Conduct all business activities in a responsible manner, which assures the health, safety and security of people, preservation of the environment, quality of the product/services and compliance with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements where we operate.

Quality, being the highest priority, has become our culture and is reflected in every Section of our Operations. Quality Control is the most crucial part of our work and we have developed rigorous internal Quality Procedures to implement our quality policy. All inputs required are first scrutinized and assessed. In case of any discrepancies/ questions, we seek clarification so as to avoid unnecessary delay and rework. Our aim is to get it right the first time. So as to protect you from avoidable future delays and additional costs

We are committed to supply cost-effective products and faster time-to-market services that delight customers.

We work towards enhancing our reputation as a designer and manufacturer of reliable quality products.

We plan to conduct training for employees and keep them abreast with the current developments.


1Dial / Digital Vernier0 – 1500 mmMitutoyoEvery Year
2Micrometer0 – 600 mmMitutoyoEvery Year
1. Chemical Composition Analysis
2. UTM & Hardness Testing etc.

Our products are also inspected and tested by 3rd party inspection agencies like Nabl Approved Spectro etc., as per our customer requirements.


Our vast industrial experience enables understand every requirement of our clients and deliver them with custom-made solution that meet or exceed customer expectation.

We constantly develop innovative methods and international best practices to fulfill customer expectations every time.

Our quality practices delight our customers by meeting agreed terms on time cost effectively.

Quality at reasonably unsurpassed rates

Vast experiences in the field that not only help understand customer needs but also guide them with best practices and processes.