High Carbon Steel


High Carbon Steel combines eases of fabrication with good strength and surface finish, is valued for its strength properties and operates at significantly higher levels than the mild steel grades. High carbon steel strip can be finished to meet the needs of a wide range of products. Where tensile strength and hardness are required, High Carbon steels are the material of choice.

In the MC& HC grades the percentage of Si and Al will depend the deoxidation practice adopted by the steel makers.
In MC & HC grades, residual / tramp elements (such as Cr, Ni, Cu, Mo etc.) may be present depending upon the steel making practice followed by the steel makers.
Besides the above, oter grades in this category can also be supplied depending upon the order quantity and availability of appropriate raw material.

We offer spring steel in various shapes and sizes according to your final uses.
These have excellent hardens property and high yield strength. Clients can avail these at competitive prices.
Thickness: 0.2 mm – 10mm
Width: 6 mm – 1250 mm
Temper: as rolled hard and fully Spherodized annealed

We Accept Orders For Other Specific Thickness. However The Order Quantity And Lead Time For Supply Is To Be Confirmed By Us.

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