C-40 MC 11 Grades


C-40 steel stockholders and suppliers, delivering to the whole of the INDIA. C-40 is an unalloyed medium carbon steel grade with reasonable tensile strength. It is normally supplied in the cold drawn or as rolled condition. Tensile properties can vary but are usually between 500-800 N/mm². C-40 is widely used for applications which require better properties than mild steel but does not justify the costs of an alloy steel. C-40 can be flame or induction hardened to produce a good surface hardness with moderate wear resistance. C-40 is available from stock in Sheet. Coils, Plate and can be cut to your requirements. We also offer flame cut plates cut to your required sizes and normalised. C-40 plates can be supplied surface ground or precision ground.
C-40 is a medium carbon steel is used when greater strength and hardness is desired than in the “as rolled” condition. Extreme size accuracy, straightness and concentricity combine to minimize wear in high speed applications. Turned ground and polished.


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